About Us

Who we are

A team that loves to be different

Founded in 2017, Insight Platformer is an innovative startup focusing on data harmonisation and data analytics. With headquarter in Brisbane Australia and R&D centre in Shanghai China, Insight Platform is bringing together the smart minds from east and west to help organisations derive insights and values from their data asset. Our team have more than 100 years experiences combined in the data analytics. Most of them have doctoral degrees under their belt, and are leaders in their space.


What we do

Deliver Innovative Solutions

At Insight Platformer, we are passionate about innovations, especially in the data analytics space. We research and develop innovative solutions that are cutting edge, cost effective, and most importantly, delivering values to our customers. We are working on two main products

  • InsightOne platform, an OLAP engine that combines data from both relational and Big data sources 
  • InsightQ, our natural language querying (QA) system to support business analytics