Product FAQ

  • What are InsightOne Platform’s differentiators, compared to other offerings in the market?

    InsightOne provides capability to bring together the data from relational sources (traditional SQL databases) and big data sources (Hadoop and other NoSQL databases), build a universal semantic model on top, and enable data analytics through a consistent and user friendly OLAP interface. Its uniqueness lies in the smart data federation optimizer (patent pending), which will choose the most optimal execution plan based on the statistics. The selected execution plan might be to bring data from different sources into InsightOne’s internal cache and perform the federation, or push data from one source into the other, perform the federation by leveraging the processing capability of the underlying platform (relational database or big data platform), and bring back the result set. It is similar to a query optimizer in the traditional databases, but capable of performing the optimization over heterogeneous sources. It leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to teach itself, and therefore the more queries you execute, the smarter the optimizer will be.

  • When will InsightOne and InsightQ be available?

    InsightOne will be generally available to public in Q4 2018 and follows a quarterly release cycle. InsightQ will be generally available to public in Q2 2019 and follows a monthly release cycle. Based on our current roadmaps, the major milestones are as follow:

    •  2018 Q4 – InsightOne 1.0 GA (Generally Available)
      • Supports SQL Server, Oracle and SAP HANA as the relational sources
      • Supports Spark as the big data source
      • Supports Cloud deployment(Amazon & Azure)
    • 2019 Q2 – InsightQ 1.0 GA (Generally Available)
    • 2019 Q2 – InsightOne 1.2 GA (Generally Available)
      • Supports MySQL, IBM DB2, SAP Sybase as the relational sources
      • Supports Hive, Impala, MongoDB, Amazon S3, Azure Storage as the big data sources
    • 2019 Q4 – InsightOne 2.0 GA (Generally Available)
      • Supports all relational databases as the relational sources (through JDBC/ODBC)
      • Supports all NoSQL databases (well almost ^_^) as the big data sources
      • Supports on-premise deployment and hybrid (on-premise & cloud) deployment


  • Will InsighOne and InsightQ support scale out?

    Yes. Both InsightOne and InsightQ are deployed on Hadoop clusters and therefore support the scale out.

  • How will InsightOne and InsightQ be licensed? Will they be open source?

    The details of the licensing model will be released close to the product release dates. InsightOne will be proprietary and closed-source. We currently have patent pending for InsightOne’s federation optimizer. Based on Apache UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Applications), InsightQ is an extension of the open source Question and Answering system YodaQA, and therefore it will be open source and a commercial subscription will be available for support.